Commit a8e0effb authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(shell-command-regexp): Use a simpler faster regexp.

parent 1174421c
......@@ -182,10 +182,9 @@ shell buffer.
This is a fine thing to set in your `.emacs' file.")
(defvar shell-command-regexp "\\((.*)\\|[^;&|]\\)+"
"*Regexp to match shell commands.
Elements of pipes are considered as separate commands, forks and redirections
as part of one command.")
(defvar shell-command-regexp "[^;&|\n]+"
"*Regexp to match a single command within a pipeline.
This is used for directory tracking and does not do a perfect job.")
(defvar shell-completion-execonly t
"*If non-nil, use executable files only for completion candidates.
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