Commit a8e67410 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Fix conversion of pixel coordinates to buffer position

* src/dispnew.c (buffer_posn_from_coords): Adapt to
auto-hscroll-mode == current-line.
parent d43b486f
......@@ -5149,6 +5149,29 @@ buffer_posn_from_coords (struct window *w, int *x, int *y, struct display_pos *p
include the hscroll. */
to_x += it.first_visible_x;
/* If we are hscrolling only the current line, and Y is at the line
containing point, augment TO_X with the hscroll amount of the
current line. */
if (it.line_wrap == TRUNCATE
&& EQ (automatic_hscrolling, Qcurrent_line) && IT_CHARPOS (it) < PT)
struct it it2 = it;
void *it2data = bidi_shelve_cache ();
it2.last_visible_x = 1000000;
/* If the line at Y shows point, the call below to
move_it_in_display_line will succeed in reaching point. */
move_it_in_display_line (&it2, PT, -1, MOVE_TO_POS);
if (IT_CHARPOS (it2) >= PT)
to_x += (w->hscroll - w->min_hscroll) * FRAME_COLUMN_WIDTH (it.f);
/* We need to pretend the window is hscrolled, so that
move_it_in_display_line below will DTRT with TO_X. */
it.first_visible_x += w->hscroll * FRAME_COLUMN_WIDTH (it.f);
it.last_visible_x += w->hscroll * FRAME_COLUMN_WIDTH (it.f);
bidi_unshelve_cache (it2data, 0);
/* Now move horizontally in the row to the glyph under *X. Second
argument is ZV to prevent move_it_in_display_line from matching
based on buffer positions. */
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