Commit a8f116e7 authored by Jan Djärv's avatar Jan Djärv

handle_one_xevent: Must note mouse movement even for nil frames for GTK,

in that case it is the tool bar.
parent 2ccc6e66
......@@ -6495,6 +6495,12 @@ handle_one_xevent (dpyinfo, eventp, finish, hold_quit)
so update things that depend on mouse position. */
if (f && !f->output_data.x->hourglass_p)
note_mouse_movement (f, &event.xmotion);
#ifdef USE_GTK
/* We may get an EnterNotify on the buttons in the toolbar. In that
case we moved out of any highlighted area and need to note this. */
if (!f && last_mouse_glyph_frame)
note_mouse_movement (last_mouse_glyph_frame, &event);
goto OTHER;
case FocusIn:
......@@ -6522,6 +6528,11 @@ handle_one_xevent (dpyinfo, eventp, finish, hold_quit)
if (any_help_event_p)
do_help = -1;
#ifdef USE_GTK
/* See comment in EnterNotify above */
else if (last_mouse_glyph_frame)
note_mouse_movement (last_mouse_glyph_frame, &event);
goto OTHER;
case FocusOut:
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