Commit a8f67b04 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(rmail-get-labels): Obey the MSG argument.

parent 4e231ada
......@@ -2055,11 +2055,12 @@ If nil, that means the current message."
It is put in comma-separated form.
MSG, if non-nil, identifies the message number to use.
If nil, that means the current message."
(or msg (setq msg rmail-current-message))
(let (blurb attr-names keywords)
;; Combine the message attributes and keywords
;; into a comma-separated list.
(setq attr-names (rmail-get-attr-names rmail-current-message)
keywords (rmail-get-keywords rmail-current-message))
(setq attr-names (rmail-get-attr-names msg)
keywords (rmail-get-keywords msg))
(if (string= keywords "")
(setq keywords nil))
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