Commit a904b20b authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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Define mouse-set-font in mule-menu-keymap.

Disable menu set-buffer-process-coding-system if there is no
process for the current buffer.
(command-execute-with-coding-system): New function.
(universal-coding-system-argument): Make it handle
universal-arguement correctly.
(describe-language-support): Call coding-system-doc-string instead
of coding-system-docstring.
parent 9125efc2
...@@ -561,7 +561,7 @@ and sometimes other things." ...@@ -561,7 +561,7 @@ and sometimes other things."
(princ (format " %s (`%c' in mode line):\n\t%s\n" (princ (format " %s (`%c' in mode line):\n\t%s\n"
(car l) (car l)
(coding-system-mnemonic (car l)) (coding-system-mnemonic (car l))
(coding-system-docstring (car l)))) (coding-system-doc-string (car l))))
(setq l (cdr l)))))))) (setq l (cdr l))))))))
;;; Charset property ;;; Charset property
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