Commit a907dc69 authored by Pavel Janík's avatar Pavel Janík
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(Fontsets): Remove the description of variable `highlight-wrong-size-font'.

parent 700deab4
......@@ -1103,14 +1103,6 @@ specifies a font that does not exist on your system, then it cannot
display that character properly. It will display that character as an
empty box instead.
@vindex highlight-wrong-size-font
The fontset height and width are determined by the ASCII characters
(that is, by the font used for ASCII characters in that fontset). If
another font in the fontset has a different height, or a different
width, then characters assigned to that font are clipped to the
fontset's size. If @code{highlight-wrong-size-font} is non-@code{nil},
a box is displayed around these wrong-size characters as well.
@node Defining Fontsets
@section Defining fontsets
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