Commit a9253a1e authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(Old Revisions): Fix diff-switches description.

parent d2ee9b13
2008-12-03 Glenn Morris <>
* maintaining.texi (Old Revisions): Fix diff-switches description.
2008-12-01 Martin Rudalics <>
* emacs.texi (Top): Fix typo.
......@@ -707,14 +707,15 @@ current directory and its subdirectories.
@vindex vc-diff-switches
@vindex vc-rcs-diff-switches
@kbd{C-x v =} works by running a variant of the @code{diff} utility
designed to work with the version control system in use. When you
invoke @code{diff} this way, in addition to the options specified by
@code{diff-switches} (@pxref{Comparing Files}), it receives those
specified by @code{vc-diff-switches}, plus those specified for the
specific back end by @code{vc-@var{backend}-diff-switches}. For
instance, when the version control back end is CVS, @code{diff} uses
the options in @code{vc-cvs-diff-switches}. The
@samp{vc@dots{}diff-switches} variables are @code{nil} by default.
designed to work with the version control system in use. The options
to pass to the @code{diff} command are taken from the first non-@code{nil}
value of @code{vc-@var{backend}-diff-switches}, @code{vc-diff-switches},
and @code{diff-switches} (@pxref{Comparing Files}), in that order.
Since @code{nil} means to check the next variable in the sequence,
either of the first two may use the value @code{t} to mean no switches at all.
The @samp{vc@dots{}diff-switches} variables are all either @code{nil}
or @code{t} (for those version control systems that do not accept common
@code{diff} options) by default.
The buffer produced by @kbd{C-x v =} supports the commands of
Compilation mode (@pxref{Compilation Mode}), such as @kbd{C-x `} and
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