Commit a9530035 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(src): Make the rule faster by using a single djecho

command instead of multiple redir invocations.
(install): Speed up by using a's for loop.
parent b5867e25
......@@ -58,14 +58,14 @@ lib-src: FRC
src: FRC
cd src
$(MAKE) top_srcdir=${top_srcdir}
redir -o gdb.sed echo '/-geometry/s,^.*,set environment HOME $(top_srcdir),'
redir -oa gdb.sed echo '/environment *TERM/s/^.*/set environment TERM internal/'
redir -oa gdb.sed echo '/x_error_quitter/s/^.*/set environment NAME root/'
redir -o gdb.tmp sed -f gdb.sed _gdbinit
redir -oa gdb.tmp echo 'set environment USER root'
redir -oa gdb.tmp echo 'set environment EMACSPATH $(top_srcdir)/bin'
redir -oa gdb.tmp echo 'set environment SHELL $(subst \,/,$(COMSPEC))'
redir -oa gdb.tmp echo 'set environment PATH $(subst \,/,$(PATH))'
djecho -s '/-geometry/s,^.*,set environment HOME $(top_srcdir),' \
'/environment *TERM/s/^.*/set environment TERM internal/' \
'/x_error_quitter/s/^.*/set environment NAME root/' >gdb.sed
sed -f gdb.sed _gdbinit >gdb.tmp
djecho -a -s 'set environment USER root' \
'set environment EMACSPATH $(top_srcdir)/bin' \
'set environment SHELL $(subst \,/,$(COMSPEC))' \
'set environment PATH $(subst \,/,$(PATH))' >>gdb.tmp
update gdb.tmp gdb.ini
rm -f gdb.tmp gdb.sed
cd ..
......@@ -79,11 +79,8 @@ man: FRC
install: all
if not exist bin\nul md bin
cd lib-src
if exist hexl.exe mv -f hexl.exe ../bin
if exist etags.exe mv -f etags.exe ../bin
if exist ctags.exe mv -f ctags.exe ../bin
if exist b2m.exe mv -f b2m.exe ../bin
if exist ebrowse.exe mv -f ebrowse.exe ../bin /c >/dev/null for %p in (hexl etags ctags b2m ebrowse) do\
if exist %p.exe mv -f %p.exe ../bin
if exist fns.el update fns.el ../bin/fns.el
cd ..
cd src
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