Commit a96621c6 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(init_buffer_once): Make file_format always local, not just local when set.

parent c96a008c
......@@ -3353,6 +3353,7 @@ init_buffer_once ()
XSETINT (buffer_local_flags.point_before_scroll, -1);
XSETINT (buffer_local_flags.file_truename, -1);
XSETINT (buffer_local_flags.invisibility_spec, -1);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.file_format, -1);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.mode_line_format, 1);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.abbrev_mode, 2);
......@@ -3372,7 +3373,6 @@ init_buffer_once ()
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.display_table, 0x2000);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.syntax_table, 0x8000);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.cache_long_line_scans, 0x10000);
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.file_format, 0x20000);
#ifdef DOS_NT
XSETFASTINT (buffer_local_flags.buffer_file_type, 0x4000);
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