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lisp/ChangeLog: removed duplicate entry

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......@@ -3,15 +3,6 @@
* progmodes/python.el (run-python): Allow CMD to be optional and
default it to a safe command, even for Windows. (bug#18596)
2014-11-13 Oscar Fuentes <>
Add faces for the VC modeline state indicator.
* lisp/vc/vc-hooks.el: (vc-state-faces, vc-state-base-face
vc-up-to-date-state, vc-needs-update-state, vc-locked-state)
vc-locally-added-state, vc-conflict-state, vc-removed-state,
vc-missing-state, vc-edited-state): New faces.
(vc-default-mode-line-string): Use them (bug#19043).
2014-11-16 Fabián Ezequiel Gallina <>
* progmodes/python.el (python-shell-calculate-command): Rename
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