Commit a9817cc4 authored by André Spiegel's avatar André Spiegel
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(vc-cvs-print-log, vc-cvs-diff): Add optional BUFFER argument.

parent 7f149224
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
;; Author: FSF (see vc.el for full credits)
;; Maintainer: Andre Spiegel <>
;; $Id: vc-cvs.el,v 1.66 2003/10/01 13:22:53 fx Exp $
;; $Id: vc-cvs.el,v 1.67 2004/01/20 17:41:18 uid65624 Exp $
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -533,14 +533,14 @@ The changes are between FIRST-VERSION and SECOND-VERSION."
;;; History functions
(defun vc-cvs-print-log (file)
(defun vc-cvs-print-log (file &optional buffer)
"Get change log associated with FILE."
(if (and (vc-stay-local-p file) (fboundp 'start-process)) 'async 0)
file "log"))
(defun vc-cvs-diff (file &optional oldvers newvers)
(defun vc-cvs-diff (file &optional oldvers newvers buffer)
"Get a difference report using CVS between two versions of FILE."
(if (string= (vc-workfile-version file) "0")
;; This file is added but not yet committed; there is no master file.
......@@ -549,13 +549,13 @@ The changes are between FIRST-VERSION and SECOND-VERSION."
;; We regard this as "changed".
;; Diff it against /dev/null.
;; Note: this is NOT a "cvs diff".
(apply 'vc-do-command "*vc-diff*"
(apply 'vc-do-command (or buffer "*vc-diff*")
1 "diff" file
(append (vc-switches nil 'diff) '("/dev/null")))
;; Even if it's empty, it's locally modified.
(let* ((async (and (vc-stay-local-p file) (fboundp 'start-process)))
(status (apply 'vc-cvs-command "*vc-diff*"
(status (apply 'vc-cvs-command (or buffer "*vc-diff*")
(if async 'async 1)
file "diff"
(and oldvers (concat "-r" oldvers))
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