Commit a984543a authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus
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* automated/dbus-tests.el (dbus-test02-register-service-session)

(dbus-test02-register-service-system): Fix docstring.
(dbus-test03-peer-interface): New tests.
parent b39eecb3
2014-07-04 Michael Albinus <>
* automated/dbus-tests.el (dbus-test02-register-service-session)
(dbus-test02-register-service-system): Fix docstring.
(dbus-test03-peer-interface): New tests.
2014-07-03 Fabián Ezequiel Gallina <>
* automated/python-tests.el (python-tests-self-insert): New function.
......@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@
(should-error (dbus-unregister-service bus dbus-service-dbus)))
(ert-deftest dbus-test02-register-service-session ()
"Check service registration at `:session'."
"Check service registration at `:session' bus."
(skip-unless (and dbus--test-enabled-session-bus
(dbus-register-service :session dbus-service-emacs)))
(dbus--test-register-service :session)
......@@ -121,11 +121,57 @@
(should (eq (dbus-unregister-service :session service) :not-owner)))))
(ert-deftest dbus-test02-register-service-system ()
"Check service registration at `:system'."
"Check service registration at `:system' bus."
(skip-unless (and dbus--test-enabled-system-bus
(dbus-register-service :system dbus-service-emacs)))
(dbus--test-register-service :system))
(ert-deftest dbus-test02-register-service-own-bus ()
"Check service registration with an own bus.
This includes initialization and closing the bus."
;; Start bus.
(let ((output
(shell-command-to-string "dbus-launch --sh-syntax")))
bus pid)
(skip-unless (stringp output))
(when (string-match "DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS='\\(.+\\)';" output)
(setq bus (match-string 1 output)))
(when (string-match "DBUS_SESSION_BUS_PID=\\([[:digit:]]+\\);" output)
(setq pid (match-string 1 output)))
(and bus pid
(featurep 'dbusbind)
(dbus-init-bus bus)
(dbus-get-unique-name bus)
(dbus-register-service bus dbus-service-emacs))))
;; Run the test.
(dbus--test-register-service bus))
;; Save exit.
(when pid (call-process "kill" nil nil nil pid)))))
(ert-deftest dbus-test03-peer-interface ()
"Check `dbus-interface-peer' methods."
(and dbus--test-enabled-session-bus
(dbus-register-service :session dbus-service-emacs)
;; "GetMachineId" is not implemented (yet). When it returns a
;; value, another D-Bus client like dbus-monitor is reacting
;; on `dbus-interface-peer'. We cannot test then.
:session dbus-service-emacs dbus-path-dbus
dbus-interface-peer "GetMachineId" :timeout 100)))))
(should (dbus-ping :session dbus-service-emacs 100))
(dbus-unregister-service :session dbus-service-emacs)
(should-not (dbus-ping :session dbus-service-emacs 100)))
(defun dbus-test-all (&optional interactive)
"Run all tests for \\[dbus]."
(interactive "p")
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