Commit a99dceba authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(Format Conversion Round-Trip): Improve previous change.

parent 08d55d13
2008-11-28 Glenn Morris <>
* files.texi (Format Conversion Round-Trip): Improve previous change.
2008-11-26 Chong Yidong <>
* modes.texi (Auto Major Mode): Fix example.
......@@ -2985,8 +2985,9 @@ in the order of appearance in the list.
This command writes the current buffer contents into the file
@var{file} in format @var{format}, and makes that format the default
for future saves of the buffer. That is, it sets the buffer-local value
of @code{buffer-file-format} to @var{format}, and replaces any existing
elements (except any with a non-nil @var{preserve} flag; see above).
of @code{buffer-file-format} to @var{format}. It then appends any
elements of the previous value with a non-nil @var{preserve} flag (see
above), if they are not already present in the new value.
The argument @var{format} is a list of format names.
Except for the @var{format} argument, this command
is similar to @code{write-file}. In particular, @var{confirm} has the
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