Commit a9a2a6db authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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(vc-backend-for-registration): Rename from

vc-get-backend-for-registration.  Update callers.
parent 905a9ed3
2009-10-24 Dan Nicolaescu <>
* vc.el (vc-backend-for-registration): Rename from
vc-get-backend-for-registration. Update callers.
* international/mule-cmds.el (set-language-info-alist): Purecopy lang-env.
(leim-list-header, leim-list-entry-regexp): Change defvars to defconst.
(charset): Purecopy the name.
......@@ -794,7 +794,7 @@ been updated to their corresponding values."
;;; Code for deducing what fileset and backend to assume
(defun vc-get-backend-for-registration (file)
(defun vc-backend-for-registration (file)
"Return a backend that can be used for registering FILE.
If no backend declares itself responsible for FILE, then FILE
......@@ -913,12 +913,12 @@ current buffer."
(error "Buffer %s is not associated with a file" (buffer-name)))
((and allow-unregistered (not (vc-registered buffer-file-name)))
(if state-model-only-files
(list (vc-get-backend-for-registration (buffer-file-name))
(list (vc-backend-for-registration (buffer-file-name))
(list buffer-file-name)
(list buffer-file-name)
(when state-model-only-files 'unregistered)
(list (vc-get-backend-for-registration (buffer-file-name))
(list (vc-backend-for-registration (buffer-file-name))
(list buffer-file-name))))
(t (error "No fileset is available here")))))
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