Commit a9a5c7f6 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/emacs-lisp/gv.el (gv-deref): Move setter declaration, to fix bootstrap.

parent 784c1a7b
......@@ -447,8 +447,11 @@ This is like the `&' operator of the C language."
"Dereference REF, returning the referenced value.
This is like the `*' operator of the C language.
REF must have been previously obtained with `gv-ref'."
(declare (gv-setter (lambda (v) `(funcall (cdr ,ref) ,v))))
(funcall (car ref)))
;; Don't use `declare' because it seems to introduce circularity problems:
;; Warning: Eager macro-expansion skipped due to cycle:
;; … => (load "gv.el") => (macroexpand-all (defsubst gv-deref …)) => (macroexpand (defun …)) => (load "gv.el")
(gv-define-setter gv-deref (v ref) `(funcall (cdr ,ref) ,v))
;;; Vaguely related definitions that should be moved elsewhere.
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