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(Character Type): Describe the\uABCD and \U00ABCDEF syntax.

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......@@ -431,6 +431,19 @@ Numerically, the
bit values are 2**22 for alt, 2**23 for super and 2**24 for hyper.
@end ifnottex
@cindex unicode character escape
Emacs provides a syntax for specifying characters by their Unicode
code points. @code{?\u@var{nnnn}} represents a character that maps to
the Unicode code point @samp{U+@var{nnnn}}. There is a slightly
different syntax for specifying characters with code points above
@code{#xFFFF}; @code{\U00@var{nnnnnn}} represents the character whose
Unicode code point is @samp{U+@var{nnnnnn}}, if such a character
is supported by Emacs.
Unlike in some other programming languages, in Emacs Lisp this
syntax is available for character literals, and (see later) in
strings, but not elsewhere.
@cindex @samp{\} in character constant
@cindex backslash in character constant
@cindex octal character code
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