Commit a9b9ada6 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Fix crash on MS-Windows caused by recent changes

* src/pdumper.c (dump_do_dump_relocation): Don't use
expand-file-name, as this crashes on MS-Windows.  Use
file_access_p instead of emacs_fopen.
parent 1f8d7516
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......@@ -5276,12 +5276,13 @@ dump_do_dump_relocation (const uintptr_t dump_base,
/* Check just once if this is a local build or Emacs was installed. */
if (installation_state == UNKNOWN)
/* Can't use expand-file-name here, because we are too
early in the startup, and we will crash at least on
Lisp_Object fname =
Fexpand_file_name (XCAR (comp_u->file), Vinvocation_directory);
FILE *file;
if ((file = emacs_fopen (SSDATA (ENCODE_FILE (fname)), "r")))
concat2 (Vinvocation_directory, XCAR (comp_u->file));
if (file_access_p (SSDATA (ENCODE_FILE (fname)), F_OK))
fclose (file);
installation_state = INSTALLED;
fixup_eln_load_path (XCAR (comp_u->file));
......@@ -5293,10 +5294,10 @@ dump_do_dump_relocation (const uintptr_t dump_base,
comp_u->file =
Fexpand_file_name (installation_state == INSTALLED
? XCAR (comp_u->file) : XCDR (comp_u->file),
comp_u->handle = dynlib_open (SSDATA (comp_u->file));
concat2 (Vinvocation_directory,
installation_state == INSTALLED
? XCAR (comp_u->file) : XCDR (comp_u->file));
comp_u->handle = dynlib_open (SSDATA (ENCODE_FILE (comp_u->file)));
if (!comp_u->handle)
error ("%s", dynlib_error ());
load_comp_unit (comp_u, true, false);
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