Commit a9bb04bb authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong

(image-type-auto-detectable): Don't autodetect x[pb]m.

(image-type-auto-detected-p): Fail if another match is found in
parent a3f83992
......@@ -65,13 +65,16 @@ a non-nil value, TYPE is the image's type.")
When the name of an image file match REGEXP, it is assumed to
be of image type IMAGE-TYPE.")
;; We rely on `auto-mode-alist' to detect xbm and xpm files, instead
;; of content autodetection. Their contents are just C code, so it is
;; easy to generate false matches.
(defvar image-type-auto-detectable
'((pbm . t)
(xbm . t)
(xbm . nil)
(bmp . maybe)
(gif . maybe)
(png . maybe)
(xpm . maybe)
(xpm . nil)
(jpeg . maybe)
(tiff . maybe)
(postscript . nil))
......@@ -340,15 +343,30 @@ Image types are symbols like `xbm' or `jpeg'."
(defun image-type-auto-detected-p ()
"Return t iff the current buffer contains an auto-detectable image.
Whether image types are auto-detectable or not depends on the setting
of the variable `image-type-auto-detectable'.
This function is intended to be used from `magic-mode-alist' (which see)."
This function is intended to be used from `magic-mode-alist' (which see).
First, compare the beginning of the buffer with `image-type-header-regexps'.
If an appropriate image type is found, check if that image type can be
autodetected using the variable `image-type-auto-detectable'. Finally,
if `buffer-file-name' is non-nil, check if it matches another major mode
in `auto-mode-alist' apart from `image-mode'; if there is another match,
the autodetection is considered to have failed. Return t if all the above
steps succeed."
(let* ((type (image-type-from-buffer))
(auto (and type (cdr (assq type image-type-auto-detectable)))))
(and auto
(or (eq auto t)
(image-type-available-p type)))))
(or (eq auto t) (image-type-available-p type))
(or (null buffer-file-name)
(not (assoc-default
(delq nil (mapcar
(lambda (elt)
(unless (memq (or (car-safe (cdr elt))
(cdr elt))
'(image-mode image-mode-maybe))
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