Commit a9bc03e2 authored by Kevin Ryde's avatar Kevin Ryde Committed by Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/info-look.el (info-lookup-select-mode): If major-mode has no

info-lookup-alist entry then search up derived-mode-parent.

Fixes: debbugs:8660
parent c7939585
2013-02-16 Kevin Ryde <>
* info-look.el (info-lookup-select-mode): If major-mode has no
info-lookup-alist entry then search up derived-mode-parent (bug#8660).
2013-02-16 Jambunathan K <>
* replace.el (read-regexp): Tighten the regexp that matches tag.
......@@ -298,6 +298,21 @@ If optional argument QUERY is non-nil, query for the help mode."
(when (string-match (caar file-name-alist) file-name)
(setq info-lookup-mode (cdar file-name-alist)))
(setq file-name-alist (cdr file-name-alist)))))
;; If major-mode has no setups in info-lookup-alist, under any topic, then
;; search up through derived-mode-parent to find a parent mode which does
;; have some setups. This means that a `define-derived-mode' with no
;; setups of its own will select its parent mode for lookups, if one of
;; its parents has some setups. Good for example on `makefile-gmake-mode'
;; and similar derivatives of `makefile-mode'.
(let ((mode major-mode)) ;; Look for `mode' with some setups.
(while (and mode (not info-lookup-mode))
(dolist (topic-cell info-lookup-alist) ;; Usually only two topics here.
(if (info-lookup->mode-value (car topic-cell) mode)
(setq info-lookup-mode mode)))
(setq mode (get mode 'derived-mode-parent))))
(or info-lookup-mode (setq info-lookup-mode major-mode)))
(defun info-lookup-change-mode (topic)
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