Commit a9c3082d authored by Lars Ingebrigtsen's avatar Lars Ingebrigtsen

Use internal variable name for byte-compile--suppressed-warnings

parent 831955fb
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......@@ -331,7 +331,8 @@ suppress. For example, (not mapcar) will suppress warnings about mapcar."
,@(mapcar (lambda (x) `(const ,x))
(defvar byte-compile-suppressed-warnings nil)
(defvar byte-compile--suppressed-warnings nil
"Dynamically bound by `with-suppressed-warnings' to suppress warnings.")
(put 'byte-compile-warnings 'safe-local-variable
......@@ -342,7 +343,7 @@ suppress. For example, (not mapcar) will suppress warnings about mapcar."
(defun byte-compile-warning-enabled-p (warning &optional symbol)
"Return non-nil if WARNING is enabled, according to `byte-compile-warnings'."
(let ((suppress nil))
(dolist (elem byte-compile-suppressed-warnings)
(dolist (elem byte-compile--suppressed-warnings)
(when (and (eq (car elem) warning)
(memq symbol (cdr elem)))
(setq suppress t)))
......@@ -2546,8 +2547,8 @@ for that function basically turns it into a `progn'."
(defun byte-compile-file-form-with-suppressed-warnings (form)
;; cf byte-compile-file-form-progn.
(let ((byte-compile-suppressed-warnings
(append (cadadr form) byte-compile-suppressed-warnings)))
(let ((byte-compile--suppressed-warnings
(append (cadadr form) byte-compile--suppressed-warnings)))
(mapc 'byte-compile-file-form (cddr form))
......@@ -4802,8 +4803,8 @@ binding slots have been popped."
(byte-defop-compiler-1 internal--with-suppressed-warnings
(defun byte-compile-suppressed-warnings (form)
(let ((byte-compile-suppressed-warnings
(append (cadadr form) byte-compile-suppressed-warnings)))
(let ((byte-compile--suppressed-warnings
(append (cadadr form) byte-compile--suppressed-warnings)))
(byte-compile-progn (cons 'progn (cddr form)))
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