Commit a9d01547 authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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(mouse-drag-track): Suppress automatic hscrolling for initial down

parent 8a6137df
......@@ -925,7 +925,11 @@ should only be used by mouse-drag-region."
(click-count (1- (event-click-count start-event)))
(remap-double-click (and on-link
(eq mouse-1-click-follows-link 'double)
(= click-count 1))))
(= click-count 1)))
;; Suppress automatic hscrolling, because that is a nuisance
;; when setting point near the right fringe (but see below).
(automatic-hscrolling-saved automatic-hscrolling)
(automatic-hscrolling nil))
(setq mouse-selection-click-count click-count)
;; In case the down click is in the middle of some intangible text,
;; use the end of that text, and put it in START-POINT.
......@@ -946,6 +950,11 @@ should only be used by mouse-drag-region."
(memq (car-safe event) '(switch-frame select-window))))
(if (memq (car-safe event) '(switch-frame select-window))
;; Automatic hscrolling did not occur during the call to
;; `read-event'; but if the user subsequently drags the
;; mouse, go ahead and hscroll.
(let ((automatic-hscrolling automatic-hscrolling-saved))
(setq end (event-end event)
end-point (posn-point end))
(if (numberp end-point)
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