Commit a9e2a8db authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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Auto-commit of loaddefs files.

parent 8b538a3c
......@@ -3628,16 +3628,16 @@ Ask means pop up a menu for the user to select one of copy, move or link."
;;;;;; dired-run-shell-command dired-do-shell-command dired-do-async-shell-command
;;;;;; dired-clean-directory dired-do-print dired-do-touch dired-do-chown
;;;;;; dired-do-chgrp dired-do-chmod dired-compare-directories dired-backup-diff
;;;;;; dired-diff) "dired-aux" "dired-aux.el" "7efcfe4f9e0913ae4a87be014010c27f")
;;;;;; dired-diff) "dired-aux" "dired-aux.el" "65e65633e08c3e4b4a4b1c735f2f48b8")
;;; Generated autoloads from dired-aux.el
(autoload 'dired-diff "dired-aux" "\
Compare file at point with file FILE using `diff'.
FILE defaults to the file at the mark. (That's the mark set by
\\[set-mark-command], not by Dired's \\[dired-mark] command.)
The prompted-for file is the first file given to `diff'.
The prompted-for FILE is the first file given to `diff'.
With prefix arg, prompt for second argument SWITCHES,
which is options for `diff'.
which is the string of command switches for `diff'.
\(fn FILE &optional SWITCHES)" t nil)
......@@ -4080,8 +4080,9 @@ with the command \\[tags-loop-continue].
(autoload 'dired-show-file-type "dired-aux" "\
Print the type of FILE, according to the `file' command.
If FILE is a symbolic link and the optional argument DEREF-SYMLINKS is
true then the type of the file linked to by FILE is printed instead.
If you give a prefix to this command, and FILE is a symbolic
link, then the type of the file linked to by FILE is printed
\(fn FILE &optional DEREF-SYMLINKS)" t nil)
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