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Change printing example to break on a procedure name.

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......@@ -107,36 +107,32 @@ objects which you can examine in turn with the x... commands.
Even with a live process, these x... commands are useful for
examining the fields in a buffer, window, process, frame or marker.
Here's an example using concepts explained in the node "Value History"
of the GDB manual to print the variable frame from this line in
buf.frame_or_window = frame;
First, use these commands:
of the GDB manual to print values associated with the variable
called frame. First, use these commands:
cd src
gdb emacs
b xmenu.c:1296
b set_frame_buffer_list
r -q
Then type C-x 5 2 to create a new frame, and it hits the breakpoint:
Then when Emacs it hits the breakpoint:
(gdb) p frame
$1 = 1077872640
$1 = 139854428
(gdb) xtype
(gdb) xframe
$2 = (struct frame *) 0x3f0800
$2 = (struct frame *) 0x8560258
(gdb) p *$
$3 = {
size = 536871989,
next = 0x366240,
name = 809661752,
size = 1073742931,
next = 0x85dfe58,
name = 140615219,
(gdb) p $3->name
$4 = 809661752
$4 = 140615219
Now we can use `pr' to print the name of the frame:
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