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*** empty log message ***

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2005-10-14 Bill Wohler <>
* etc/images/gud/break.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-break.*.
* etc/images/gud/cont.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-cont.*.
* etc/images/gud/down.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-down.*.
* etc/images/gud/finish.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-finish.*.
* etc/images/gud/ni.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-ni.*.
* etc/images/gud/n.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-n.*.
* etc/images/gud/print.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-print.*.
* etc/images/gud/pstar.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-pstar.*.
* etc/images/gud/remove.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-remove.*.
* etc/images/gud/run.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-run.*.
* etc/images/gud/si.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-si.*.
* etc/images/gud/s.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-s.*.
* etc/images/gud/until.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-until.*.
* etc/images/gud/up.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-up.*.
* etc/images/gud/watch.*: Moved here from toolbar/gud-watch.*.
2005-10-14 Bill Wohler <>
Released MH-E version 7.85.
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