Commit aa267dcf authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* make-dist: Simplify creation of lisp/MANIFEST.

parent baf81c55
......@@ -279,21 +279,17 @@ then
$EMACS -batch -f batch-byte-recompile-directory lisp leim
## What is this file for? It goes in srcdir, not the tarfile.
## Why does it exclude term/ ?
echo "Making lisp/MANIFEST"
(cd lisp;
files=`echo [!=]*.el | sed -e 's/ subdirs.el / /' -e 's/ default.el / /'`
for dir in [!=]*; do
if [ -d $dir ] && [ $dir != term ]
echo $dir
thisdir=`echo $dir/[!=]*.el | sed -e 's/ subdirs.el / /'`
files="$files $thisdir"
for file in $files
do sed -n 's/^;;; //p; q' $file
done | sort > MANIFEST)
files=`find lisp -type f -name '*.el'`
for file in $files; do
case "$file" in
*/subdirs.el|*/default.el|*/loaddefs.el|*/term/*) continue ;;
sed -n 's/^;;; //p; q' $file
done | sort > lisp/MANIFEST
echo "Creating staging directory: \`${tempparent}'"
......@@ -319,6 +315,8 @@ ln ChangeLog configure ${tempdir}
ln config.bat make-dist update-subdirs vpath.sed .dir-locals.el ${tempdir}
ln mkinstalldirs config.sub config.guess install-sh ${tempdir}
## FIXME why do we bother doing this? set-version in admin/admin.el
## does this, and more besides.
echo "Updating version number in README"
(cd ${tempdir}
awk \
......@@ -448,7 +446,7 @@ echo "Making links to \`src/s'"
echo "Making links to \`lib-src'"
(cd lib-src
ln [a-zA-Z]*.[chmy] ../${tempdir}/lib-src
ln [a-zA-Z]*.[ch] ../${tempdir}/lib-src
ln ChangeLog README testfile vcdiff ../${tempdir}/lib-src
ln grep-changelog rcs2log rcs-checkin ../${tempdir}/lib-src
ln makefile.w32-in ../${tempdir}/lib-src
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