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Documentation string of diary-modify-entry-list-string-function improved.

parent 9a20c79b
......@@ -1652,8 +1652,9 @@ marked on the calendar."
(defvar diary-modify-entry-list-string-function nil
"Function applied to entry string before putting it into the entries list.
This is so that program that use the emacs diary for other purposes (e.g.
planner.el and org.el) can modify the string or add properties to it.")
Can be used by programs integrating a diary list into other buffers (e.g.
org.el and planner.el) to modify the string or add properties to it.
The function takes a string argument and must return a string.")
(defun add-to-diary-list (date string specifier &optional marker globcolor)
"Add the entry (DATE STRING SPECIFIER MARKER GLOBCOLOR) to `diary-entries-list'.
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