Commit aa453e89 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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mule-conf.el (prefer-utf-8): New coding system.

(file-coding-system-alist): Use prefer-utf-8 as default for Elisp
parent 3e3da660
......@@ -1225,6 +1225,18 @@
(define-coding-system-alias 'dos 'undecided-dos)
(define-coding-system-alias 'mac 'undecided-mac)
(define-coding-system 'prefer-utf-8
"Like `undecided' but prefer UTF-8 when appropriate.
On decoding, if the source contains 8-bit codes and they all
are valid UTF-8 sequences, detect the source as UTF-8 encoding
regardless of the coding priority.
On encoding, if the source contains non-ASCII characters, encode them
by UTF-8."
:coding-type 'undecided
:mnemonic ?-
:charset-list '(emacs)
:prefer-utf-8 t)
(define-coding-system 'raw-text
"Raw text, which means text contains random 8-bit codes.
Encoding text with this coding system produces the actual byte
......@@ -1508,7 +1520,7 @@ for decoding and encoding files, process I/O, etc."
(setq file-coding-system-alist
(mapcar (lambda (arg) (cons (purecopy (car arg)) (cdr arg)))
'(("\\.elc\\'" . utf-8-emacs)
("\\.el\\'" . utf-8)
("\\.el\\'" . prefer-utf-8)
("\\.utf\\(-8\\)?\\'" . utf-8)
("\\.xml\\'" . xml-find-file-coding-system)
;; We use raw-text for reading loaddefs.el so that if it
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