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Here are some of the cpp macros used, together with some short explanation
of their use. Feel free to add more macros and more categories.
** Distinguishing OSes **
MAC_OS Compiling for some version of Mac OS?
MAC_OS8 Compiling for Mac OS version 8. Requires MAC_OS?
MAC_OSX Compiling for Mac OS X? Is that also valid for Darwin?
MAC_OS_X ?? Apparently only used once in mac.c.
CYGWIN Compiling the Cygwin port.
MSDOS Compiling the MSDOS port.
DOS_NT Compiling for either the MSDOS or W32 port.
WINDOWSNT Compiling the W32 port.
WINDOWS_NT ?? Only once in dispextern.h
** Distinguishing GUIs **
HAVE_NTGUI Compile support for the W32 GUI.
HAVE_CARBON Compile support for the Carbon GUI. Requires MAC_OS?
HAVE_X11 Compile support for the X11 GUI.
X11 ?? suggests it's equivalent to HAVE_X11
USE_LUCID Use the Lucid toolkit for menus&scrollbars. Requires HAVE_X11.
USE_MOTIF Use the Motif toolkit for menus&scrollbars. Requires HAVE_X11.
USE_GTK Use the Gtk toolkit for menus&scrollbars. Requires HAVE_X11.
# arch-tag: bc80061a-1168-4911-9766-46aaf2640250
2007-12-10 Stefan Monnier <>
* CPP-DEFINES: New file.
2007-12-08 Reiner Steib <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Remove "window-system in face definition" [of
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