Commit aa681b51 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(run-hook-with-args): Fix previous code.

parent d4ec0200
......@@ -1836,11 +1836,7 @@ To make a hook variable buffer-local, use `make-local-hook', not\n\
Lisp_Object sym, val;
sym = args[0];
CHECK_SYMBOL (sym, 0);
val = XSYMBOL (sym)->value;
val = swap_in_symval_forwarding (sym, val);
val = find_symbol_value (sym);
if (EQ (val, Qunbound) || NILP (val))
return Qnil;
else if (!CONSP (val) || EQ (XCONS (val)->car, Qlambda))
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