Commit aa6bcdf0 authored by Vibhav Pant's avatar Vibhav Pant

Add support for IRCv3 message tags.

* erc-backend.el:
  erc-response: Add `tags' element.
  Add (erc-parse-tags).
  (erc-parse-server-response): Use (erc-parse-tags) to parse message
  tags (if any), and store them in `erc-resopnse' struct.

* erc.el: (erc-display-message): Expose message tags with text
  properties of the corresponding message line.
parent 8a165813
......@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@
;; CONTENTS --- `erc-response.contents'
;; SENDER --- `erc-response.sender'
;; LINE --- `erc-response.unparsed'
;; TAGS --- `erc-response.tags'
;; It's probably not a good idea to destructively modify the list
......@@ -115,7 +116,8 @@
(sender "" :type string)
(command "" :type string)
(command-args '() :type list)
(contents "" :type string))
(contents "" :type string)
(tags '() :type list))
;;; User data
......@@ -955,16 +957,34 @@ See also `erc-server-send'."
;;;; Handling responses
(defun erc-parse-tags (string)
"Parse IRCv3 tags list in STRING to a (tag . value) alist."
(let ((tags)
(tag-strings (split-string string ";")))
(dolist (tag-string tag-strings tags)
(let ((pair (split-string tag-string "=")))
(push (if (consp pair)
(defun erc-parse-server-response (proc string)
"Parse and act upon a complete line from an IRC server.
PROC is the process (connection) from which STRING was received.
PROCs `process-buffer' is `current-buffer' when this function is called."
(unless (string= string "") ;; Ignore empty strings
(let ((posn (if (eq (aref string 0) ?:)
(string-match " " string)
(msg (make-erc-response :unparsed string)))
(let* ((tag-list (when (eq (aref string 0) ?@)
(substring string 1 (string-match " " string))))
(msg (make-erc-response :unparsed string :tags (when tag-list
(string (if tag-list
(substring string (+ 1 (string-match " " string)))
(posn (if (eq (aref string 0) ?:)
(string-match " " string)
(setf (erc-response.sender msg)
(if (eq posn 0)
......@@ -2700,7 +2700,10 @@ See also `erc-format-message' and `erc-display-line'."
(unless (erc-hide-current-message-p parsed)
(erc-put-text-property 0 (length string) 'erc-parsed parsed string)
(erc-put-text-property 0 (length string) 'rear-sticky t string)
(erc-display-line string buffer)))))
(when (erc-response.tags parsed)
(erc-put-text-property 0 (length string) 'tags (erc-response.tags parsed)
(erc-display-line string buffer)))))
(defun erc-message-type-member (position list)
"Return non-nil if the erc-parsed text-property at POSITION is in LIST.
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