Commit aa96c42b authored by Seiji Zenitani's avatar Seiji Zenitani
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* nsfns.m (ns_set_background_color): Remove code duplication.

parent df36ff1f
2008-12-07 Seiji Zenitani <>
* nsfns.m (ns_set_background_color): Remove code duplication.
It was a substite for face-transparency on OS X 10.3.
2008-12-06 Chong Yidong <>
* coding.c (make_conversion_work_buffer): Disable buffer
......@@ -389,14 +389,6 @@ Turn the input menu (an NSMenu) into a lisp list for tracking on lisp side
[[view window] setBackgroundColor: col];
alpha = [col alphaComponent];
/* the alpha code below only works on 10.4, so we need to do something
else (albeit less good) otherwise.
Check NSApplication.h for useful NSAppKitVersionNumber values. */
if (NSAppKitVersionNumber < 744.0)
[[view window] setAlphaValue: alpha];
if (alpha != 1.0)
[[view window] setOpaque: NO];
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