Commit aaca43a1 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(init_keyboard): Don't malloc a new structure;

initial_kboard should already exist for that.
parent 3954fff9
......@@ -6614,16 +6614,10 @@ init_keyboard ()
Vlast_event_frame = internal_last_event_frame;
if (!initialized)
current_kboard = (KBOARD *)xmalloc (sizeof (KBOARD));
all_kboards = current_kboard;
current_kboard = initial_kboard;
current_kboard->next_kboard = 0;
if (initialized)
wipe_kboard (current_kboard);
wipe_kboard (current_kboard);
init_kboard (current_kboard);
if (initialized)
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