Commit aad0f6ab authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(XTmouse_position) [USE_X_TOOLKIT]: When the mouse

is over the menu bar widget, say it's not on the frame.
parent ef128c78
......@@ -7494,6 +7494,15 @@ XTmouse_position (fp, insist, bar_window, part, x, y, time)
/* Is win one of our frames? */
f1 = x_any_window_to_frame (FRAME_X_DISPLAY_INFO (*fp), win);
/* If we end up with the menu bar window, say it's not
on the frame. */
if (f1 != NULL
&& f1->output_data.x->menubar_widget
&& win == XtWindow (f1->output_data.x->menubar_widget))
f1 = NULL;
#endif /* USE_X_TOOLKIT */
if (x_had_errors_p (FRAME_X_DISPLAY (*fp)))
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