Commit ab0ebb93 authored by Phillip Lord's avatar Phillip Lord
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; Only load .elc file in tests.

* test/automated/viper-tests.el (viper-test-undo-kmacro): Ensure that
  empty load file ends with .elc extension.
parent a98aa02a
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ after itself, although it will leave a buffer called
;; Select an expert-level for the same reason.
(viper-expert-level 5)
;; viper loads this even with -q so make sure it's empty!
(viper-custom-file-name (make-temp-file "viper-tests"))
(viper-custom-file-name (make-temp-file "viper-tests" nil ".elc"))
(before-buffer (current-buffer)))
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