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* doc/lispref/modes.texi (SMIE, SMIE Grammar, SMIE Indentation): Add some indexes.

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2013-08-17 Xue Fuqiao <>
* modes.texi (SMIE, SMIE Grammar, SMIE Indentation): Add some indexes.
* text.texi (Maintaining Undo): Mention interactive call of
(Filling): Add cross-reference for hard newlines.
......@@ -3381,6 +3381,7 @@ of Lisp sexps and adapts it to non-Lisp languages.
@node SMIE
@subsection Simple Minded Indentation Engine
@cindex SMIE
SMIE is a package that provides a generic navigation and indentation
engine. Based on a very simple parser using an ``operator precedence
......@@ -3548,6 +3549,8 @@ simply ignored.
@node SMIE Grammar
@subsubsection Defining the Grammar of a Language
@cindex SMIE grammar
@cindex grammar, SMIE
The usual way to define the SMIE grammar of a language is by
defining a new global variable that holds the precedence table by
......@@ -3623,6 +3626,8 @@ formally as left associative.
@node SMIE Lexer
@subsubsection Defining Tokens
@cindex SMIE lexer
@cindex defining tokens, SMIE
SMIE comes with a predefined lexical analyzer which uses syntax tables
in the following way: any sequence of characters that have word or
......@@ -3757,6 +3762,7 @@ surrounding text to find ad-hoc clues.
@node SMIE Indentation
@subsubsection Specifying Indentation Rules
@cindex indentation rules, SMIE
Based on the provided grammar, SMIE will be able to provide automatic
indentation without any extra effort. But in practice, this default
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