Commit ab3c1ccf authored by Nick Roberts's avatar Nick Roberts
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(gdb): Remove description of

(menu): Don't allow toggling of or enable
gdb-use-separate-io-buffer from menubar.
parent 6f2a8484
......@@ -304,10 +304,8 @@ it starts with two windows: one displaying the GUD buffer and the
other with the source file with the main routine of the inferior.
If `gdb-many-windows' is t, regardless of the value of
`gdb-show-main', the layout below will appear unless
`gdb-use-separate-io-buffer' is nil when the source buffer
occupies the full width of the frame. Keybindings are shown in
some of the buffers.
`gdb-show-main', the layout below will appear. Keybindings are
shown in some of the buffers.
Watch expressions appear in the speedbar/slowbar.
......@@ -2963,8 +2961,7 @@ is set in them."
'("Disassembly" . gdb-display-disassembly-buffer))
(define-key menu [registers] '("Registers" . gdb-display-registers-buffer))
(define-key menu [inferior]
'(menu-item "Separate IO" gdb-display-separate-io-buffer
:enable gdb-use-separate-io-buffer))
'("Separate IO" . gdb-display-separate-io-buffer))
(define-key menu [locals] '("Locals" . gdb-display-locals-buffer))
(define-key menu [frames] '("Stack" . gdb-display-stack-buffer))
(define-key menu [breakpoints]
......@@ -2980,8 +2977,7 @@ is set in them."
(define-key menu [disassembly] '("Disassembly" . gdb-frame-disassembly-buffer))
(define-key menu [registers] '("Registers" . gdb-frame-registers-buffer))
(define-key menu [inferior]
'(menu-item "Separate IO" gdb-frame-separate-io-buffer
:enable gdb-use-separate-io-buffer))
'("Separate IO" . gdb-frame-separate-io-buffer))
(define-key menu [locals] '("Locals" . gdb-frame-locals-buffer))
(define-key menu [frames] '("Stack" . gdb-frame-stack-buffer))
(define-key menu [breakpoints]
......@@ -2993,10 +2989,6 @@ is set in them."
(define-key menu [gdb-customize]
'(menu-item "Customize" (lambda () (interactive) (customize-group 'gdb))
:help "Customize Gdb Graphical Mode options."))
(define-key menu [gdb-use-separate-io]
'(menu-item "Separate IO" gdb-use-separate-io-buffer
:help "Toggle separate IO for debugged program."
:button (:toggle . gdb-use-separate-io-buffer)))
(define-key menu [gdb-many-windows]
'(menu-item "Display Other Windows" gdb-many-windows
:help "Toggle display of locals, stack and breakpoint information"
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