Commit ab759c22 authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus
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Improve Tramp's compatibility

* lisp/net/tramp.el (tramp-get-method-parameter):
* lisp/net/tramp-adb.el (tramp-adb-parse-device-names)
* lisp/net/trampver.el (tramp-repository-get-version):
Use `tramp-compat-replace-regexp-in-string'.
parent 0e1711a0
......@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ pass to the OPERATION."
(lambda (elt)
(cdr elt)
":" tramp-prefix-port-format (car (cdr elt)))))
......@@ -1032,7 +1032,7 @@ E.g. a host name \"\" returns \"\"
(host (tramp-file-name-host vec))
(port (tramp-file-name-port vec))
(devices (mapcar 'cadr (tramp-adb-parse-device-names nil))))
tramp-prefix-port-format ":"
(cond ((member host devices) host)
;; This is the case when the host is connected to the default port.
......@@ -1048,7 +1048,7 @@ E.g. a host name \"\" returns \"\"
(not (zerop (length host)))
(not (tramp-adb-execute-adb-command
vec "connect"
tramp-prefix-port-format ":" host))))
;; When new device connected, running other adb command (e.g.
;; adb shell) immediately will fail. To get around this
......@@ -1111,7 +1111,8 @@ If VEC is a vector, check first in connection properties.
Afterwards, check in `tramp-methods'. If the `tramp-methods'
entry does not exist, return nil."
(let ((hash-entry
(replace-regexp-in-string "^tramp-" "" (symbol-name param))))
"^tramp-" "" (symbol-name param))))
(if (tramp-connection-property-p vec hash-entry)
;; We use the cached property.
(tramp-get-connection-property vec hash-entry nil)
......@@ -50,7 +50,8 @@
(call-process "git" nil '(t nil) nil "rev-parse" "HEAD")))
(not (zerop (buffer-size)))
(replace-regexp-in-string "\n" "" (buffer-string)))))))))
"\n" "" (buffer-string)))))))))
;; Check for (X)Emacs version.
(let ((x (if (or (>= emacs-major-version 22)
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