Commit ab8a391e authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman


Use ediff-diff3-options or ediff-diff-options.
parent 345dd8f7
......@@ -160,15 +160,17 @@ one optional arguments, diff-number to refine.")
(ediff-unique-buffer-name "*ediff-fine-diff" "*"))))
(let (diff3-job diff-program ok-regexp diff-list)
(let (diff3-job diff-program diff-options ok-regexp diff-list)
(setq diff3-job ediff-3way-job
diff-program (if diff3-job ediff-diff3-program ediff-diff-program)
diff-options (if diff3-job ediff-diff3-options ediff-diff-options)
ok-regexp (if diff3-job
(ediff-message-if-verbose "Refining difference region %d ..." (1+ reg-num))
(ediff-exec-process diff-program ediff-fine-diff-buffer 'synchronize
;; The shuffle below is because we can compare 3-way
;; or in several 2-way fashions, like fA fC, fA fB,
;; or fB fC.
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