Commit ab992d66 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(Commands for Insertion): Reinstate documentation of

parent a894169f
2009-02-07 Eli Zaretskii <>
* text.texi (Commands for Insertion):
* commands.texi (Event Mod):
* keymaps.texi (Searching Keymaps):
* nonascii.texi (Translation of Characters): Reinstate
documentation of translation-table-for-input.
2009-01-27 Alan Mackenzie <>
* modes.texi (Search-based Fontification): Correct a typo.
......@@ -487,6 +487,9 @@ it except to install it on a keymap.
In an interactive call, @var{count} is the numeric prefix argument.
Self-insertion translates the input character through
@code{translation-table-for-input}. @xref{Translation of Characters}.
This command calls @code{auto-fill-function} whenever that is
non-@code{nil} and the character inserted is in the table
@code{auto-fill-chars} (@pxref{Auto Filling}).
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