Commit aba567f8 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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ascii-character props for backspace, delete, etc. moved back to x-win.el.

parent 0d173134
......@@ -2269,14 +2269,4 @@ a completion with the mouse."
(kp-divide ?/)
(kp-equal ?=)))
;; These tell read-char how to convert
;; these special chars to ASCII.
(put 'backspace 'ascii-character 127)
(put 'delete 'ascii-character 127)
(put 'tab 'ascii-character ?\t)
(put 'linefeed 'ascii-character ?\n)
(put 'clear 'ascii-character 12)
(put 'return 'ascii-character 13)
(put 'escape 'ascii-character ?\e)
;;; simple.el ends here
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