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; * etc/NEWS: Reflect changes in font backend loading.

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......@@ -35,7 +35,11 @@ HarfBuzz text shaping engine. It is on by default; use './configure
--without-harfbuzz' to build without it. The HarfBuzz text shaping is
available via new font backend drivers 'xfthb' and 'ftcrhb' for Xft
and Cairo drawings, respectively, and via the 'harfbuzz' backend on
MS-Windows. The Harfbuzz text shaping is preferred to the previously
supported ones, so the font backends that use older shaping engines
(FLT on GNU and Unix systems and Uniscribe on MS-Windows) are not
enabled by default; they can be enabled via the 'font-backend' frame
parameter or via X resources.
** The new configure option '--with-json' adds support for JSON using
the Jansson library. It is on by default; use './configure
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