Commit abc178a0 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(mark-diary-entries): Use assoc-string instead of assoc-ignore-case.

parent 22ebf393
......@@ -906,19 +906,19 @@ After the entries are marked, the hooks `nongregorian-diary-marking-hook' and
marks (nth 1 temp))))
(if dd-name
(cdr (assoc-ignore-case
(cdr (assoc-string
0 nil calendar-day-abbrev-array))) marks)
0 nil calendar-day-abbrev-array) t)) marks)
(if mm-name
(setq mm
(if (string-equal mm-name "*") 0
(cdr (assoc-ignore-case
(cdr (assoc-string
1 nil calendar-month-abbrev-array))))))
1 nil calendar-month-abbrev-array) t)))))
(mark-calendar-date-pattern mm dd yy marks))))
(setq d (cdr d))))
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