Commit abe14431 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy

* dired-aux.el (dired-compress-file): Change references to

	`from-file' to use `file'; the former only works because
	dired-compress-file is only called by dired-compress, which binds
parent 49c13105
......@@ -490,12 +490,12 @@ and use this command with a prefix argument (the value does not matter)."
((file-symlink-p file)
((string-match "\\.Z$" file)
(if (dired-check-process (concat "Uncompressing " from-file)
"uncompress" from-file)
(if (dired-check-process (concat "Uncompressing " file)
"uncompress" file)
(substring file 0 -2)))
(if (dired-check-process (concat "Compressing " from-file)
"compress" "-f" from-file)
(if (dired-check-process (concat "Compressing " file)
"compress" "-f" file)
(concat name ".Z"))))))
(defun dired-mark-confirm (op-symbol arg)
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