Commit abf4a9f7 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(Fforward_word): Use prompt_end_charpos instead

of minibuffer_prompt_length.
parent 1e3f16d5
......@@ -1239,8 +1239,8 @@ and nil is returned.")
/* If in a mini-buffer and moving backwards, stop at the end of the
prompt. This prevents accidentially moving into the read-only
prompt. */
if (INTEGERP (current_buffer->minibuffer_prompt_length)
&& (prompt_end = XINT (current_buffer->minibuffer_prompt_length),
if (INTEGERP (current_buffer->prompt_end_charpos)
&& (prompt_end = XINT (current_buffer->prompt_end_charpos),
((PT > prompt_end && val < prompt_end)
|| (PT < prompt_end && val > prompt_end))))
val = prompt_end;
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