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2003-01-21 Jason Rumney <>
* icons/hand.cur: New file.
2003-01-21 David Ponce <>
* emacs.rc (2000-10-19T07:24:01Z! Declare hand cursor resource.
2003-01-15 Andrew Innes <>
* gmake.defs (CURDIR): Convert to native Windows format (with
2003-01-21 Jason Rumney <>
* w32fns.c (IDC_HAND): Define it if system headers don't.
2003-01-21 KOBAYASHI Yasuhiro <>
* w32term.h (struct w32_output): New member hand_cursor.
(WM_EMACS_SETCURSOR): New message definition.
* w32term.c (note_mode_line_highlight): Delete #if 0 to enable
function w32_define_cursor.
(note_mouse_highlight): Initialize, setup cursor accoding to mouse
position, change member name output_data.x to output_data.w32 and
add function w32_define_cursor.
(show_mouse_face): Delete #if 0 to enable function w32_define_cursor
and change member name output_data.x to output_data.w32.
(w32_initialize_display_info): Setup
* w32fns.c (Vx_hand_shape): New variable.
(w32_wnd_proc): Add message entries for WM_SETCURSOR and
(x-create-frame): Setup Cursor types.
2003-01-21 David Ponce <>
* w32term.c (w32_encode_char): For DIM=1 charset, set
ccl->reg[2] to -1 before calling ccl_driver. (Sync. with xterm.c
x_encode_char change by Kenichi Handa <> on
(w32_draw_relief_rect): Declare all args.
(w32_define_cursor): New.
* w32fns.c (w32_load_cursor): New function.
(w32_init_class): Use it.
(x_put_x_image): Declare all args.
2003-01-21 Richard Dawe <> (tiny change)
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