Commit ac77b21a authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/subr.el (read-passwd): Don't use a history at all.

* lisp/savehist.el (savehist-save): Remove password saved accidentally
because of the above bug.
parent 05730648
2012-06-22 Stefan Monnier <>
* subr.el (read-passwd): Don't use a history at all.
* savehist.el (savehist-save): Remove password saved accidentally
because of the above bug.
2012-06-22 Bastien Guerry <>
* files.el (toggle-read-only): Display a message telling whether
......@@ -278,6 +278,13 @@ If AUTO-SAVE is non-nil, compare the saved contents to the one last saved,
(print-level nil)
(print-readably t)
(print-quoted t))
;; During the 24.2 development, read-passwd had a bug which resulted in
;; the passwords being saved by savehist. Trim them, retroactively.
;; This code can be removed after the 24.2 release.
(dolist (sym savehist-minibuffer-history-variables)
(if (and (symbolp sym) (equal (symbol-name sym) "forget-history"))
(setq savehist-minibuffer-history-variables
(delq sym savehist-minibuffer-history-variables))))
;; Save the minibuffer histories, along with the value of
;; savehist-minibuffer-history-variables itself.
(when savehist-save-minibuffer-history
......@@ -2171,11 +2171,7 @@ by doing (clear-string STRING)."
(set (make-local-variable 'post-self-insert-hook) nil)
(add-hook 'after-change-functions hide-chars-fun nil 'local))
(read-string prompt nil
(let ((sym (make-symbol "forget-history")))
(set sym nil)
(read-string prompt nil t default) ; t = "no history"
(when (buffer-live-p minibuf)
(with-current-buffer minibuf
;; Not sure why but it seems that there might be cases where the
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