Commit acac2700 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fmake_overlay): New args front-advance and rear-advance.

(syms_of_buffer): Delete the buffer-redisplay-end-trigger local variable.
parent da0e2548
......@@ -2482,12 +2482,17 @@ DEFUN ("overlayp", Foverlayp, Soverlayp, 1, 1, 0,
return (OVERLAYP (object) ? Qt : Qnil);
DEFUN ("make-overlay", Fmake_overlay, Smake_overlay, 2, 3, 0,
DEFUN ("make-overlay", Fmake_overlay, Smake_overlay, 2, 5, 0,
"Create a new overlay with range BEG to END in BUFFER.\n\
If omitted, BUFFER defaults to the current buffer.\n\
BEG and END may be integers or markers.")
(beg, end, buffer)
BEG and END may be integers or markers.\n\
The fourth arg FRONT-ADVANCE, if non-nil, makes the\n\
front delimiter advance when text is inserted there.\n\
The fifth arg REAR-ADVANCE, if non-nil, makes the\n\
rear delimiter advance when text is inserted there.")
(beg, end, buffer, front_advance, rear_advance)
Lisp_Object beg, end, buffer;
Lisp_Object front_advance, rear_advance;
Lisp_Object overlay;
struct buffer *b;
......@@ -2517,7 +2522,10 @@ BEG and END may be integers or markers.")
beg = Fset_marker (Fmake_marker (), beg, buffer);
end = Fset_marker (Fmake_marker (), end, buffer);
XMARKER (end)->insertion_type = 1;
if (!NILP (front_advance))
XMARKER (beg)->insertion_type = 1;
if (!NILP (rear_advance))
XMARKER (end)->insertion_type = 1;
overlay = allocate_misc ();
XMISCTYPE (overlay) = Lisp_Misc_Overlay;
......@@ -3906,15 +3914,6 @@ functions; it should only affect their performance.");
Formats are defined by `format-alist'. This variable is\n\
set when a file is visited. Automatically local in all buffers.");
DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER ("buffer-redisplay-end-trigger",
&current_buffer->redisplay_end_trigger, Qnil,
"Trigger point for running `redisplay-end-trigger-hook'.\n\
This variable is always local in every buffer.\n\
If redisplay in the buffer reaches a position larger than the\n\
value of `buffer-redisplay-end-trigger', then the hook is run\n\
after first setting `buffer-redisplay-end-trigger' to nil.\n\
If `buffer-redisplay-end-trigger' is nil, the hook is never run.");
DEFVAR_PER_BUFFER ("buffer-invisibility-spec",
&current_buffer->invisibility_spec, Qnil,
"Invisibility spec of this buffer.\n\
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