Commit acd65a7d authored by Reuben Thomas's avatar Reuben Thomas
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Keep default CASECHARS/NOT-CASECHARS for ispell built-in dictionaries

* lisp/textmodes/ispell.el (ispell-set-spellchecker-params): Do not
override CASECHARS and NOT-CASECHARS.  The ispell dictionaries
retain their hardwired values, and all other dictionaries are given
sensible defaults.
parent 7ca4396f
......@@ -1290,8 +1290,8 @@ aspell is used along with Emacs).")
(cl-pushnew (if (cadr adict) ;; Do not touch hunspell uninitialized entries
(nth 0 adict) ; dict name
"[[:alpha:]]" ; casechars
"[^[:alpha:]]" ; not-casechars
(nth 1 adict) ; casechars
(nth 2 adict) ; not-casechars
(nth 3 adict) ; otherchars
(nth 4 adict) ; many-otherchars-p
(nth 5 adict) ; ispell-args
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