Commit acedc3e3 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(font-lock-make-faces): Redo logic for whether

to call font-lock-make-face for a given face.
parent 0314aacb
......@@ -307,12 +307,12 @@ See `font-lock-make-face' and `list-faces-display'."
;; Now make the faces if we have to.
(mapcar (function (lambda (face-attributes)
(let ((face (nth 0 face-attributes)))
(if (and (not override) (facep face))
;; The face exists. Only set the variable if it's nil.
(if (or (not (boundp face)) (symbol-value face))
(set face face))
;; The face doesn't exist or we can stomp all over it anyway.
(font-lock-make-face face-attributes)))))
(if override
(font-lock-make-face face-attributes)
(if (not (and (boundp face) (facep (symbol-value face))))
(if (facep face)
(set face face)
(font-lock-make-face face-attributes)))))))
(defun font-lock-make-face (face-attributes)
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