Commit ad4c5263 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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Spelling fixes.

parent 5da5370c
......@@ -59,9 +59,9 @@
(python-shell-prompt-validate-regexps): New functions.
(python-shell-prompt-set-calculated-regexps): New function.
(inferior-python-mode): Use it. Also honor overriden
(inferior-python-mode): Use it. Also honor overridden
python-shell-interpreter and python-shell-interpreter-args.
(python-shell-make-comint): Honor overriden
(python-shell-make-comint): Honor overridden
python-shell-interpreter and python-shell-interpreter-args.
(python-shell-get-or-create-process): Make it testable by allowing
to call run-python non-interactively.
......@@ -1042,9 +1042,9 @@
* faces.el (face-spec-recalc): Apply X resources only after the
defface spec has been applied. Thus, X resources are no longer
overriden by the defface spec which also fixes issues on win32 where
overridden by the defface spec which also fixes issues on win32 where
the toolbar coloring was wrong because it is set through X resources
and was (wrongfully) overriden. (Bug#16694)
and was (wrongfully) overridden. (Bug#16694)
2014-04-28 Stefan Monnier <>
......@@ -2215,7 +2215,7 @@ killed."
interpreter nil args))
(python-shell--parent-buffer (current-buffer))
(process (get-buffer-process buffer))
;; As the user may have overriden default values for
;; As the user may have overridden default values for
;; these vars on `run-python', let-binding them allows
;; to have the new right values in all setup code
;; that's is done in `inferior-python-mode', which is
......@@ -1807,7 +1807,7 @@ Using `python-shell-interpreter' and
(kill-buffer shell-buffer))))
(ert-deftest python-shell-make-comint-3 ()
"Check comint creation with overriden python interpreter and args.
"Check comint creation with overridden python interpreter and args.
The command passed to `python-shell-make-comint' as argument must
locally override global values set in `python-shell-interpreter'
and `python-shell-interpreter-args' in the new shell buffer."
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